Links to Other Sites About Lions

This page contains links to other sites with information about lions. Initially constructed with the usual web search tools, such as Yahoo and Webcrawler, it has been heavily suplemented with links suggested by other visitors to this site. The sites were checked to have content relating to lions as animals, but some sites also contain info about lions in other usages. These include art, architecture, literature, etc. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: The listing of a site here does not necessairly indicate that the opinions expressed therein agree with my opinions!

Updated 1-9-2007 Added REXANO.

Lion Links

Info on lions as animals

Lion Research Projects

Private sanctuaries or rescue facilities featuring lions

Zoos or Public Game Parks

Pictures of lions

Lion Cams

Lion Trainers

Miscellaneous info on lions


The following sites are believed to have strong connections with extremist animal rights groups and/or strongly promote conservation policies that call for the eradication of our captive lion populations..In my opinion, the beliefs of these groups are not consistent with the long-term survival of the lion (or any other animal species), either in the wild or in captivity. They are provided as these sites still contain useful educational information on the lion. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!

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