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The purpose of this page is to archive writings I have done on various aspects of the king of beasts. This could include papers, essays, fiction, research, perhaps even poetry. I will also throw open an invitation to anybody else who has prepared similar materials about lions. If you think you have an interesting piece, please submit it to me! Check here periodically to see if any new material has been added!

Updated 9-23-07. Added 'Animal Rights Philosophy'

Animal rights philosophy
This paper looks at the philosophic underpinnings of the animal rights movement. it shows how the animal rights movement reflects a major change in the philosophic underpinnings of our society. It shows how anima rights has a greater 'religious' connection than most people ever realize.
AR Philosophy (Plain text, 14 kB)
AR Philosophy (OpenDocument format, 16 kB)
AR Philosophy (Microsoft Word document, 131 kB)
AR Philosophy (PDF, 309 kB)
Comments filed on Regulations Issued to Implement the Captive Wildlife Safety Act of 2003
Comments I wrote on proposed rules to implement a very dangerous new law which is already having a detrimental effect on the long term viability of the captive lion population here in the United States. (PDF, 32 pages.)
Constitution and Happiness - The Freedom to Connect
This paper examines our right to the pursuit of happiness, which is one of our basic rights. It then discusses how true happiness comes from being 'connected' to another being, be it a another human, a deity, or animals. It seeks to show the tremendous value that us humans can gain from being able to be bonded to an exotic feline, especially a large feline like a lion or tiger. The paper also discusses the negative social pressures that people that choose this kind of bonding face today. (Microsoft Word document, plain text version coming. Approx. 11 pages.)
A Lionkeeper Looks at Aslan
A paper which examines the remarkable portrayal of Aslan, the Christ-figure lion of C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. Without any evidence of having spent much time around living lions, Lewis's description of Aslan is a remarkable description of how lions act around people that have bonded to. The paper concludes with a look at the role of Aslan in the spiritual life of one who belives in the 'True Lion of Judah'. (PDF, 15 pages.)
The Lion of Judah and the King of Pride Rock
This paper is an overview of Christian principles that appear in the popular Disney film, 'The Lion King'. It also takes a look at lions as symbols in our culture. The scientific importance of 'The Circle of Life' is also discussed.
Southward the Tigers - A Tale in the Days of King Frank
This is a story written by my friend Joseph Ravitts about the talking tigers of Narnia. This excellent story has a little something in it for everyone-- epic battles, romance, Christian character lessons, natural history, you name it. It is a real 'page turner'! It is LONG-- about 316 pages. The version currently posted here is a compiliation of posts from a webboard, so it needs a little editing here and thee to make it flow more smoothly.
OpenDocument version of story (364 kB)
PDF version of story (1.554 MB)
Microsoft Word version of story (1.914 MB)
The Lion's Share - The First Days of the Narnian Lions.
This story, a complement to 'Southward the Tigers', tells the story of the first two generations of the Narnian lions, and the 'adventures' they were involved in. It also tells a major part of the story of the events that lead up to the 'Southward the Tigers' story. (Although occuring in the same timeframe, the lions and tigers do not really cross paths much after they separate from each other.) I am the author of this story, and at this point, it is very much a work in progress. I will post the story here periodically as I have a chance. Otherwise, read it on 'The Dancing Lawn' forums on the Narnia Fans website. Look under 'The Professor's Writing Club'. There is lots of other good fiction to read there, as well!
Africa Trip Journal (Text version)
The journal of my trip to East Africa in February of 1999. A detailed discussion of what it is like to travel in lion country! Learn about what you need to do to travel to Africa. Learn about the boredom of long flights. Above all, learn about the incredible wonders of the world's largest intact large animal ecosystem!
Africa Trip Journal (WWW Version)
The above journal is now web-enabled! Includes links to over 170 pictures!
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