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Tsavo Maneater Resources

This page is a list of resources for those who wish to learn more about the story of the Tsavo Maneaters. It is organized into four categories at this time: Books, Videos and Films, Music, and Internet links. If you know of any other material on the Tsavo Maneaters, please email me at the address on the bottom of the page. I will be glad to add it to the list. HAPPY BROWSING!

Updated 12-24-2006. Added a number of new publications, as well as some links to significant research. Added a section for the Maneater of Mfuwe.

Tsavo Maneater Books

'The Ghost and the Darkness', Novelization by Dewey Gram.
ISBN 0-671-00305-4 (Paperback, 1996, Pocket books) The novelization of the 1996 film.
'The Ghost and the Darkness', Screenplay by Willliam Goldman.
ISBN 1-55783-267-6(Trade paperback, 1996, Mont Blanc Entertainment GMBH (Applause Books in US.)) This hard-to-find book is the original screenplay of the film. Some of the character names are different, and there are some differences in story flow and dialogue. This book is HIGHLY recommen. This book is HIGHLY recommended if you are a serious fan of this film. William Goldman is a top-notch writer, and this book is absolutely fascinating! Learn (Among other things) how the idea for the movie was presented to Paramount executives with Mr. Goldman laying flat on his back on the floor of the boardroom! (Yes, they accepted!) This book also contains lots of black-and-white photos from the movie.
'The Ghost and the Darkness', Shooting script
A version of the movie's shooting script is available, apparently published by Paramount for fans of the movie. It is bound in an authentic shooting script manner with removable rivets. This script is neither the published William Goldman screenplay mentioned above nor is it the version depicted in the film. Instead, it seems to be an even earlier version that is a bit closer to the real story. Like the published screenplay, it is very interesting reading. This script is not readily available, but can be obtained by calling Joseph or Debbie Janowicz at (716)-723-8055.
'Ghosts of Tsavo', Philip Caputo, 2002, National Geographic Society
ISBN 0-7922-6362-6 (Hardcover). Pulitzer prize author Philip Caputo addresses the issues of maneating lions, especially in the Tsavo area. The book cenetrs around two trips he took to Tsavo National Park. The first was with Tom Gnoske and Julian Kerbis-Peterhans of the Field Museum of Natural History. The second was with Craig Packer and Peyton Wes Packer and Peyton West of the Serengeti Lion Project. Philip's own thoughts on the topic (Which the two groups of scientists disagree on!) are scattered throughout the text. The book opens with an account of the taking of the Maneater of Mfuwe by Wayne Hosek, and closes with a review of a really recent paper by Tom Gnoske on why Tsavo lions go maneater so often. Philip has also written several articles about the Tsavo lions for National Geogrphic. (They are listed further down.) Approx. 288 pages. (No illustrations in the preview edition I have.)
'Journal of East African Natural History, Volume 90 parts 1 and 2', Journal reprint
ISBN 0012-8317 This is a reprint in book form, of an article from the Journal of East African Natural History. This book is sold by the Field Museum of Natural History, and is probably not available anywhere else. This thin volume contains a single article entitled "The Science of 'Man Eating' Among Lions Panthera leo , With A Reconstruction of the Natural History of the 'Man Eaters of Tsavo'" The article is by Tom Gnoske and Julian Kerbis Peterhans, both of the Field Muesum. This book is a detailed look at maneating among lions, and it's possible causes. Illustrated with drawings and B/W plates. Extensive references. Softbound, 40 pages.
'The Lions of Tsavo', Bruce D. Patterson,2004, McGraw-Hill books
ISBN 0-07-136333-5 The result of years of study, this book is a summation of the research done by Bruce Patterson of the Field Museum of Natural History. This book is a scientific work, but is also a good read. This book is the most authorative work done on the subject of the Tsavo maneaters. The book includes extensive endnotes that reflect the degree of care that went into preparing this book. 231 pages, Some color and B/W photos.
'Mad About Zion, A Biography of Colonel J.H. Patterson'
ISBN 0-9518664-4-3 (Hardcover), 0-9518664-3-5 (Softcover) Biography by Patrick Streeter. Published 2004 by The Matching Press. An engaging account of the interesting life of John Patterson. Besides the Tsavo Maneater affair, Mr. Patterson was involved in many other activitis during his life. He was perhaps best known for being commander of a Jewish regiment of the British army. There are also some darker chapters in Mr Patterson's life, like the events surrounding the death of Audley Blyth. In any case, an interesting and readable book that has been well researched. 191 pages, many B/W photographs. This book is hard to get in the US. The best way to get it is to contact the author at Sptstreeter@aol.com.
'The Man-Eating Lions of Tsavo', 1925, Lieut.-Col. J. H. Patterson
(No ISBN #) Zoology leaflet #7 by the Field Museum of Natural History. A small booklet (41 pages) published by the Field Museum to go along with their exhibit of the Tsavo maneaters. I list it seperately from the full-length books below, as it only contains the portion of the book concerning the maneaters. It also contains some material not in the original book, and the quality of the photographs is superb. A must-have for anyone seriously interested in the Tsavo maneaters. It is available by mail order. Visit their website at www.fieldmuseum.org for more information.
'Man Eaters Motel', Denis Boyles, 1991, Ticknor and Fields
ISBN 0-395-58082-X. Photography by Alan Rose. A rather interesting book about travel in Africa. Most of the book centers on a trip on the Mombasa railway. There is much Tsavo maneater lore in this book. There are also photographs of the Tsavo area, and the infamous bridge. This book is rather hard to find. 253 pages, B/W photos.
Newly expanded!'The Man-Eaters of Tsavo', electronic edition!
1907, Lt. Colonel J.H. Patterson The electronic version of this book is now avilable on the internet, courtesy of Charles Hall. Click here to visit his website. The book is available in a number of forms, including one complete with all 120 pictures. The original edition of this book is now in the public domain.
'The Man-Eaters of Tsavo', 1907, Lt. Colonel J.H. Patterson
Hardcover: ISBN 0-312-51010-1 (1986, St. Martins Press, part of the Peter Capstick hunting and adventure library.)(I am told this book may be out of print.) Paperback: ISBN 0-671-00306-2 (1996, Pocket Books) The companion edition to the movie.) Originally published in 1907, This book records the harrowing true story of what really happened at Tsavo in 1898. If you are at all interested in the Tsavo Maneaters, or have seen either of the movies, this book is a must read! The stories told in the book are even more amazing than what was portrayed in the films! Although both of the listed editions contain the same original text, they differ in the 'extras'. The Hardcover book includes an introduction by Peter Hathaway Capstick, a noted big game hunter. It is also me hunter. It is also profusely illustrated, and the pictures are of good quality. The paperback book contains a fairly lengthy account of Colonel Patterson's life, and this is interesting reading. It also contains a facsimile of a letter presented to Colonel Patterson on his departure from East Africa. There are far fewer photos, but the important ones are present.
The Science of 'Man Eating' Among Lions Panthera leo, With A Reconstruction of the Natural History of the 'Man Eaters of Tsavo
The real title of the book 'Journal of East African Natural History, Volume 90 parts 1 and 2' listed above. It is listed as it is, because the title on the main entry for this book is what is on the front cover.

Tsavo Maneater Magazine Articles

'Maneaters of Tsavo', May/June 2000 National Geographic Adventure
A lengthy article looks at both the historic story as well as what it is like to travel there today. Although the story is a bit overdramatized, it is interesting and informative. A webpage on this article can also be found on the National Geographic Adventure website.
'Maneless in Tsavo', April 2002 National Geographic
This excellent article examines the lions of the Tsavo region. It discusses some of the unique challenges to survival that Tsavo lions face. The controversial issue as to why some Tsavo lions lack manes is explored by Peyton West of the Lion Research Institute. Using her life-sized stuffed toy lions with interchangable manes, she comes up with some interesting science. You can read science. You can read some additional material about the article at www.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0204/ You can read some of Peyton West's papers at www.lionresearch.org

Tsavo Maneater Films/Videos

'Bwana Devil', 1952, United Artists
(Not available on home video) This film, based on the Tsavo Maneaters story, was also the first feature-length 3-D film produced. Stars Robert Stack and Nigel Bruce. Although this story is basically the Tsavo Maneaters story, it is told with different names and the usual Hollywood Hyperboles. Although this would be considered a 'B' movie today, it was apparently quite popular at the time. Not rated. Color, 79 minutes. American Movie Classics shows it from time to time. See the IMDB listing in the 'Links' section below.
'The Ghost and the Darkness', 1996, Paramount Films.
Paramount Home Video 323503 (VHS), LV323503WS (Laserdisc) (Scheduled out on DVD 11-10-1998). The 1996 version of the story of the Tsavo Maneaters. Stars Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas. Rated 'R' for a few gory scenes. Color, 109 minutes. Available at any video store. See the IMDB listing in the 'Links' section below.
'Maneaters of Tsavo', 1996, Winstar Hom Tsavo', 1996, Winstar Home Entertainment WHS71007.
ISBN 1-57252-081-7 (VHS Videocassette). Produced and directed by Jim Burroughs. Originally produced in 1996, I suspect it was supposed to come out at the same time as 'The Ghost and the Darkness'. The documentary attempts to follow Colonel Patterson's footsteps as he constructed the bridge across the Tsavo river. A lot of interesting information and stories are presented. (Some of which must be taken with a grain of salt!) Both Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas are interviewed about their roles in 'The Ghost and the Darkness'. Last, but not least, this documentary gives you a feeling of what it's like to take a safari in modern-day Kenya. Highly Recommended. Color, 50 minutes. Readily available at better video stores.
'Wild Discovery: Maneaters of Tsavo', 1999, Discovery Channel
(Not released yet.) A program detailing the the story of the Tsavo Maneaters and the recent discovery of the 'maneaters' cave'. More info to come! Visit the webiste for this program.

Tsavo Maneater Music???

The music from the movie 'the Ghost and the Darkness' is avilable on CD. It contains much of the incidental music from the film, as well as some Indian and African music useand African music used in the film. It is published by Hollywood Records and carries catalog number HR-62089-2. This CD should be widely available.

Internet Resources for the Tsavo Maneaters

The Maneater of Mfuwe - The Field Museum's other maneating lion

Here are some links to resources for the Maneater of Mfuwe.

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